September 2009

Drupal website overhaul

Summer holidays is an excellent time to do some major work on my pet project. Sitting in the shade with cool drinks at hand I started to read a book on Drupal I came across some time ago. This book, Leveraging Drupal: Getting your site done right, turned out to be amazing.

Drupal site requirements

Although I subscribe to the ideas in the book (see my previous post) that you need to write user stories and follow an architectural approach, my main goal here is to see whether Organic Groups provide features I need in the next version of my website.

Pros and cons of the current configuration

The current configuration includes many modules, a.o. I18n, Content Access, Views and CCK. With these I'm able to define roles, grant restricted access to nodes based on roles and keep the site bi-lingual (Dutch and English, with the largest part of the content in Dutch). This works fairly well.

The first steps in OG land

All the recommendations for Organic Groups (OG) made me curious. Can I use them for my purposes and safely hand over part of the responsabilities of managing restricted content?