April 2007

Thunderbird upgrade, downgrade

After reading about the Thunderbird 2.0 release today I decided to upgrade. I like tagging messages and felt the need for more than just 5.

I made a list of my installed extensions and checked them for 2.0 compatibility. Don't know why, I usually don't bother, but this time I took it seriously. Good thing because a lot of the extensions weren't compatible. I decided that maybe I could do without those and downloaded TB2 anyway. In Mac OS X it's easy to simply dump the application on the desktop and run it from there. Which I did.

SVN troubles

One day you're happily committing and updating your code in SVN, the next day you end up in trouble. It all started when suddenly my svn-client started moaning that it was too old. From that point on, no update or commit was possible. I googled on the error and it turned out that the svn 1.4 version used an incompatible format. My working copy must have been changed on the fly. And of course I still had 1.3.0. It took a while before I found a OS X binary package of the svn-1.4 client. Thanks Coding Monkeys!