January 2008

Freecom MusicPal and OS X and lots of yak-shaving

When I saw the ad I was sold: the Freecom MusicPal was the perfect gadget to make me get up every morning. It was an easy setup, no manual necessary and I had it working in no time. WLAN access, NTP setup, all went smoothly. I even found some of my favorite radio stations in the list.

Freecom MusicPal update

Well, I suppose I should finish the MusicPal story. Turns out, it's not good as an alarmclock either. First, it needs about 2 minutes before it's up and running, so setting the alarm at 08.00 h won't wake you up before 8.02. Then, I noticed it picks randomly from your favorites list. So no waking up with your favorite morning show, but anything that is in your favorites list. Sure, you can reduce the list to 1, but that defeats the purpose of the favorites list.  Another simple, but annoying, 'feature' is the fact that the MusicPal needs a server to supply the songs.