August 2008

Moving Drupal and Gallery2

When I started out I put the Drupal files in the local webroot I created. Gallery2 was installed in it's own folder underneath. After fiddling with settings and adding and editing content I felt I was ready to put the site on the production space. With the old site up there, I wanted Drupal in its own folder, rather than the root. After a hefty ftp session I found out I approached it wrong. :-(

MySQL vs PHP login weirdness

During the reinstallation of Gallery2 I also wanted to set the database username to the same name as the production site to have as few differences as possible. I ran into a problem I had before when installing Drupal: the only connection allowed was using user 'root'. Whenever I used a user with a password who had only privileges on a single database I got an 'access denied' error. However, on the production site the installation with a username and password went well and using the username and password and logging in in a terminal using the mysql commandline also worked well.