September 2008

Drupal module subtleties

Drupal is growing on me: I like it more and more and I'm capable of doing much more with Drupal after a few months than I could with Joomla after the same amount of studying.

However, today I spend more than an hour figuring out why I couldn't get the CAPTCHA module to produce an image on a Webform form.

Finally, after googling around I found the answer: I can't set it in the edit mode of the form, only in the VIEW mode. So much for subtleness.

Gallery2 woes

Finally I thought it was time to move my Gallery2 configuration + albums to the production site. This time making sure that I took the necessary precautions.

Yes, it was uploaded without errors and yes, I could switch off maintenance mode and yes, I could see my pictures and enter the site admin mode etc.

Drupal shows blank pages, sometimes

Something I never experienced on my local setup suddenly happened on the production site: random white pages. Consistent in that it was always the same pages (e.g. admin/build/modules), but random because most content pages would show up fine and many admin pages as well.

Digging aroung showed an error in the Apache log:
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of X bytes exhausted