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Thunderbird upgrade, downgrade

After reading about the Thunderbird 2.0 release today I decided to upgrade. I like tagging messages and felt the need for more than just 5.

I made a list of my installed extensions and checked them for 2.0 compatibility. Don't know why, I usually don't bother, but this time I took it seriously. Good thing because a lot of the extensions weren't compatible. I decided that maybe I could do without those and downloaded TB2 anyway. In Mac OS X it's easy to simply dump the application on the desktop and run it from there. Which I did.

Too bad, not only half of my 'cannot live without' extensions really didn't work, but some of the compatible ones didn't work either. Bummer. Worse was the fact that my favorite theme (CrossOver) didn't work as expected. Instead of nice icons for my buttons all icons were displayed in three rows, one for each state and no possibility to fix it.

Too bad, but no TB2 for me yet. I restarted my old faithful TB1.5 and downgraded the few extensions that did upgrade to a compatible version. The only good thing I got out of this is that I removed some of the unused extensions and found some interesting new ones as well as discovered possibilities of the old ones I never knew.

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