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The first steps in OG land

All the recommendations for Organic Groups (OG) made me curious. Can I use them for my purposes and safely hand over part of the responsabilities of managing restricted content?

I downloaded and installed the module. Although I've read some documentation, it all assumed you were already familiar with OG, so I was a bit surprised when the first thing I had to do was to select which content types were OG-aware. Ok, fair enough. I don't want separate content types for restricted and non-restricted information. In my mind, restriction is an attribute of a node, not a separate type. However, the second setting was to select a content type as group node. Why? I don't necessarily need a separate home page for a group and it sounded like an either-or choice. Ok, so I created a 'default' custom content type 'Group Node' and selected that one.

The rest of the settings sounded logical and straight forward. Then, I wanted to add users. To my astonishment I couldn't find where to add a user to a group. Finally, after some searching on the Drupal website I came across the answer (sorry, forgot to notice the post): make the Group Details block visible and select the link with the number of members. Second surprise: it's impossible to add existing users if you don't know their exact usernames. :-( After scrolling through the endless number of OG add-on modules, I gave up. There were only 20 to 30 users that would apply, so I simply opened a MySQL browser, generated the query (select name from users join users_roles where users.uid = users_roles.uid and users_roles.rid=<number of the role I wanted>) and copy pasted the list of names into the Add member textarea. Adding some commas and I was up and running.

On to the group page and in for another surprise: as admin (user 1) , I was unable to find the group page of the closed group. Yes, I took the book's advice and created a separate user and assigned group ownership to that user, but I assumed that user 1 would be added automatically. Not! Ok, so admin was added as group administrator.

More surprises: I added both the Dutch and the English version of the (currently only) restricted page to the restricted group. The group 'home page' was set to be language neutral, but each version of the page has been set to the respective language. Yet, both versions showed up on the home page. :-( So I need another add-on to get to where I was before.

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