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Migration from Wordpress to Drupal

The last update of my Wordpress installation for this website was ages ago and it didn't work out well. I've been procastinating on the next update ever since.

Today I decided I might as well move to Drupal. After all, I now build all websites in Drupal so I might as well practice what I preach.

There are some additional benefits: I get to use Drupal 7 and I'm going to experience Drupal's blog features.

There are basically 2 strategies: start with a Drupal 6 configuration and import the Wordpress export with wordpress_import [] or start with Drupal 7 and use Wordpress migrate [].

More info here:

I went for the Drupal 7 route. Installation was straightforward so I was rather disappointed when finding out that somehow it didn't work. Every attempt to do the import resulted in an empty page and no nodes imported.

After a few attempts I gave up, cleaned out everything and started again with a Drupal 6 installation. After installing Wordpress import and all the modules it requires (CTools a.o.) I managed to do an import. Unfortunately it messed up the timestamps. All timestamps were interpreted as GMT, while it is +1 with or without DST over here. :-(

Finally, I gave in and changed the date and time settings of the Drupal website to +1 (while it's actually +2 now) so at least some of the timestamps are correct.

Next problem I ran into were the missing <p> tags from the posts, so Drupal runs everything together. I've manually changed the content and added the paragraph tags. With only a few posts that's doable, but I'm not happy.

After all blog entries were updated the Drupal 7 code replaced the Drupal 6 code. Of course I forgot to disable the existing modules before updating.

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