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One thing leads to another...

I came across a nice write up of Jenkins and Aegir to help setting up a dev, stage, prod environment. This sounds like a good candidate of the problems that occur when you try to locally develop on a Drupal site that is already in production.

First stop was setting up Jenkins and Aegir. Jenkins is easy. I didn't even bother and installed the DMG package on my Lion Server and it was up and running almost instantly.

Aegir took some more figuring out, but the write up of Realityloop was a great help. And then I ended up with DNS problems. I started again at my local machine following the write up more closely, but I still ended up with DNS problems like suddenly the connection to the internet is lost, major delays and drush complaining about unable to find a host.

So today I decided to tackle the DNS problem and try to figure out what needs to be configured where and how. This is what I want to achieve.

I have a local domain (*.ld) that should be visible only on my home office network. My internet router should be able to reroute all *.ld domains to my Lion Server which runs a DNS for this domain. My laptop should behave nicely on this network BUT it also needs to be able to function well outside this network.

So basically any *.dev.ld domains should be rerouted to my laptop either by the DNS server at my Lion server when I'm in the network and by my 'localhost' setup when I'm out of the office. And of course all other domains should be resolved properly both inside and outside of my network.

Oh and all *.local stuff should also keep on working properly.

So far I've managed one thing: the laptop behaves nicely inside and outside of the network, so I can at least have proper internet connection when I'm not at my own network. Here's how:

I've setup two network locations in the System Preferences, Network. One is called 'home' the other 'outside'. In the 'home' location I've set a fixed IP address on my ethernet adapter and entered the IP address of my Lion Server as DNS server. In the 'outside' location, the IP address is dynamic and no DNS servers are entered.

Years ago I've written an Applescript that would figure out where I was based on IP-addresses and other tell-tale signs. When I wanted to revive the script and adjust it for my current situation I came across ControlPlane. Great! This little utility does what my Applescript intended to do and more and saved me hours of fiddling with my old script.

On to figure out the proper DNS settings. If you have any good pointers to information, please leave them in the comments.

To be continued...

Update: I decided to simply follow the Realityloop article and create a *.dev DNS setup. No *.ld to avoid conflicts with my Lion Server.

Now I only have to figure out why iTunes won't sync my iPhone and if the two issues are related.

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