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Poor man's laptop stand

Poor man's laptop standThe weather gods must have realized that it's already summer and they had nothing to show for yet other than heavy rains. Well, over the past weekend and today they made up for it and the temperature here rose to the higher twenties (Celsius that is). A good day for working at home, I thought. Well, my PowerBook didn't agree and I heard the hard disk rattle in a very discomforting way. I've heard this before somewhere last year and Apple's help desk personnel assured me there was nothing wrong. I'm still not convinced. Upon picking my PB up for closer inspection I noticed that the noise changed and after some moments I realized it must have been the heat. With my PB resting on my wooden desktop, it looks like it can't get rid of the produced heat fast enough.

I'm not good at typing in the air while holding up my laptop. Online to search for laptop stands. I came across some excellent reviews at ATPM. I must confess I like the iLap very much, and with the good reviews I might as well go out and buy one. However, with no car around and the only place with the iLap in stock is about 25 km away, I can't see myself purchasing it right now, when I need it most.

Something has to be done and this review brought an aha-moment. In the article it says somewhere 'it looks like a clothes hanger' and that made me realize, that I could easily try one of the clothes hangers lying around. So, after 2 minutes this is what my new laptop stand looks like.

The only thing I need to figure out is, why the hard disk still rattles, although it's less than before.

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