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SVN repository setup

Surely, when you claim there is no information to be found, you run across multiple examples when hunting down something else. Nice write ups are here, here and here.

After getting things up and running, I had a look with the OSX SVN client I find the most intuitive, Versions. However, whenever I tried to commit, I got an authorization failure. Whether from Versions on the machine where the repository resides or from Coda or the command line on the working machine, every commit resulted in an error code 170001.

After many hours of plodding I decided to throw away the initial repository and created a new one. No solution. Then I found this:

svnserve.conf should look like this:
anon-access = read
auth-access = write
password-db = passwd
# authz-db = authz
realm = My Repository

And in this example, I have a password file named "passwd". That should have this:

japruim = mypass


and decided to create minimal file copies of the files, rather than modify the extensively commented ones. After a restart of svnserve, the commits went without a glitch.


Creating minimal file copies of the files is certainly the way to go. I'm using this too.

Not something you see commented on every day. However , some really valid comments here, thanks for an enlightening post!

Hat mir sehr weitergeholfen. Ich hoffe auf weitere Artikel zu diesem Thema.


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