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SourceFusion is an innovative company that builds websites and webapplications using open source products. You as a customer will benefit from high quality at a reasonable price.

You can contact us through info@sourcefusion.nl.


Hi helma,

Thank god I've found your blog!
I was having problems figuring out what to do with my issue with FileFields and IMCE

You solve the problem about only the INSERT button showing beautifully! THANKS!!!!

However I could make the other change to work, I'm unable to attach files already on the server.
Unfortunately I don't know how to apply patches and when i try to make the mods you suggested, I think I screwed up...maybe I include the line on the wrong place???

Could you (sorry to be such a pain!) send me an e-mail with the imce.inc file modified as per your thread http://www.sourcefusion.nl/cms/content/imce-filefield-sources-private-an...

Or if you tell me where to insert the changes, I could try to do it myself.

Thanks very very much!!


My e-mail is fx.melo@gmail.com

Thanks for your help.



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