IMCE and FileField Sources, an update

Upon Marcelo's request I post my adjusted version of the filefield_sources/sources/imce.inc file. The following code replaces the function filefield_source_imce_value

IMCE, FileField Sources, private and public files

The issue still isn't solved. So today I made another attempt. Things shouldn't be that complicated. All I want is create nodes with images and links to other files that can be visible for anonymous users or users of a special role. And I want to use IMCE as the file browser.

But now I'm running in circles: with admin/config/media/file-system set to 'public local files served by webserver' IMCE works as expected and finds and inserts the files for public access. But the private section is off limits.

Drupal 7, IMCE, Media and public and private files

Today I decided to tackle the problem of needing public and private files. Again.

At the first attempt I switched the default download method  in admin/config/media/file-system from 'public' to 'private'. From that moment on, no picture was visible any more. After many hours of digging around, I gave up and switched the download method back to public.

Later I found that all pictures needed to be referenced in the database with a 'public://' or a 'private://' prefix.

With the move from IMCEImage to FileField, this was fixed.

Migration completed (for now)

This is the first post written in the new Drupal 7 configuration. I've left the old WordPress blog up for now, just to make sure I haven't missed anything.

With many modules still in alpha, beta or dev mode, this humble little website works more or less as expected.

The first steps in OG land

All the recommendations for Organic Groups (OG) made me curious. Can I use them for my purposes and safely hand over part of the responsabilities of managing restricted content?


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