SVN repository setup

Surely, when you claim there is no information to be found, you run across multiple examples when hunting down something else. Nice write ups are here, here and here.

SVN and firewall woes

Every now and then I get the urge to build another website. This time I decided to take the professional route and put everything in SVN. Very nice but that means I need to get my SVN server up and running. Nice to see that I no longer need to rely on Fink or MacPorts, but that Snow Leopard comes with a very recent version.

Access denied, yet again

In an attempt to update Drupal to it's latest version (6.5) I decided to test it on my local setup. Lo and behold, I got an 'Access denied'. After testing out several possible causes, I googled around.

The answer: a few days ago I setup an SMB share on my home folder, with access for only my user account, no access for 'everyone'. That resulted in a permissions change on my home folder, even after removing the SMB share.

The solution: sudo chmod o+rx [home folder]

Drupal Clean URLs on OS X Leopard

As said before, I did a Drupal installation according to the IBM tutorial and created my own 'drupal.development' virtual host. During the installation of Drupal I noticed I couldn't get Clean URLs. Now that I'm working on integrating Gallery2, I really needed them. So I had to look into the problem.

First I had to check if mod_rewrite was installed using 'apachectl -M'. This resulted in an error:

Safari vhost quirks and 'access denied on /'

As I started on Drupal I came across an IBM tutorial that explained how to setup a Drupal developement environment with Eclipse. What they did was setup a virtual host in Apache by the name of 'drupal.development'. That worked fine in Firefox and I was happily configuring Drupal when I decided to use Safari to test the 'anonymous user'.

Bluetooth, Applescript and a phone

Tinkering wasn't over yet after the previous post when I came across another one: Bluetooth proximity detection on OS X. Reading the comments I found the sources and utilities discussed ready for use at And once again, comments are almost as useful as the article: there was a comment which has an alternative approach without the little C program.

Now I only need to find the time to implement the stuff...

Bluetooth, Applescript and a Palm

I love to tinker with my gadgets and every now and then I dive into Applescript to write some nifty script that automates whatever I think I cannot do manually anymore. Today is such a day.

Thunderbird upgrade, downgrade

After reading about the Thunderbird 2.0 release today I decided to upgrade. I like tagging messages and felt the need for more than just 5.

I made a list of my installed extensions and checked them for 2.0 compatibility. Don't know why, I usually don't bother, but this time I took it seriously. Good thing because a lot of the extensions weren't compatible. I decided that maybe I could do without those and downloaded TB2 anyway. In Mac OS X it's easy to simply dump the application on the desktop and run it from there. Which I did.

Adobe's Help Center

Today I wanted to do some work with Indesign and ran into a problem that existed for some time: selecting "help" starts up the Adobe Help Center (AHC) but no window is visible. I couldn't tell if the window was invisible, hidden or just plain not there, but I couldn't use it.


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