Applescript to manually sync iphone to iTunes - 1st attempt

Setting the sync preferences in iTunes to automatic means that my iPhone is always synced whenever I drop it in its dock. However, this also means that iTunes pops up and sometimes becomes the front-most application. No problem if I'm doing nothing much but every now it distracts to the point of losing my motivation.

So I decided to switch this preference off. But then I need to remember that I have to sync manually. Which I forget. Not much gained.

SVN repository setup

Surely, when you claim there is no information to be found, you run across multiple examples when hunting down something else. Nice write ups are here, here and here.

Poor man's laptop stand

Poor man's laptop standThe weather gods must have realized that it's already summer and they had nothing to show for yet other than heavy rains. Well, over the past weekend and today they made up for it and the temperature here rose to the higher twenties (Celsius that is).


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