Passwordless SSH login with multiple identities available

Recently I started creating passwordless SSH logins to servers I need to access, so I can automate tasks. I tend to create a new key pair for each server. Today it didn’t work and it took me several hours to find the solution. So this writeup is to help others (and my future self no doubt).

Create a key pair for the new server and add the public key to the authorized_keys file of the user on the remote server. How this works is written all over the internet so I’ll merely sum it up here. In the example I’m creating one for my local Mac Mini.

One thing leads to another...

I came across a nice write up of Jenkins and Aegir to help setting up a dev, stage, prod environment. This sounds like a good candidate of the problems that occur when you try to locally develop on a Drupal site that is already in production.

First stop was setting up Jenkins and Aegir. Jenkins is easy. I didn't even bother and installed the DMG package on my Lion Server and it was up and running almost instantly.


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