SVN repository setup

Surely, when you claim there is no information to be found, you run across multiple examples when hunting down something else. Nice write ups are here, here and here.

SVN and firewall woes

Every now and then I get the urge to build another website. This time I decided to take the professional route and put everything in SVN. Very nice but that means I need to get my SVN server up and running. Nice to see that I no longer need to rely on Fink or MacPorts, but that Snow Leopard comes with a very recent version.

Drupal website overhaul

Summer holidays is an excellent time to do some major work on my pet project. Sitting in the shade with cool drinks at hand I started to read a book on Drupal I came across some time ago. This book, Leveraging Drupal: Getting your site done right, turned out to be amazing.

More SVN troubles

I accidentally copied old .svn directories to a working tree. :-(
Since most of the files were not touched I decided to do an 'override and update' in Eclipse. Tough luck. I still ended up with conflicting changes.

SVN troubles

One day you're happily committing and updating your code in SVN, the next day you end up in trouble. It all started when suddenly my svn-client started moaning that it was too old. From that point on, no update or commit was possible. I googled on the error and it turned out that the svn 1.4 version used an incompatible format. My working copy must have been changed on the fly. And of course I still had 1.3.0. It took a while before I found a OS X binary package of the svn-1.4 client. Thanks Coding Monkeys!


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