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Moving to Drupal 7

I'm in the middle of upgrading/converting my pet project website in Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. This was my first Drupal website, so in hindsight I found out I made a lot of mistakes.

So, after the release of Drupal 7 I tried it on this website and found some very nice features such as an integrated 'admin menu bar' at the top, updating modules through the interface rather than downloading, untarring and ftp-ing every module by hand. I got really fond of drush when I found it.

So after moving this blog from WordPress to Drupal 7 I decided to find out if the other website could be moved. Every module was investigated: is there a Drupal 7 port or an equivalent. A lot of them had a port and others nicely referred to a similar module. So far so good.

I checked out Drupal Gardens and was nicely surprised by the features presented such as the rotating banners, the image galleries etc. More reasons to update.

I planned on doing the migration work during my holiday. (Almost) nothing beats a session with my laptop sitting in the shade under the Italian sun sipping a cappuccino or some lemon ice tea when I want to relax and have fun.

I wasn't sure about the availability of WiFi on the campsite so I decided to download all modules I could think of before packing up, moving from SVN to Git in the process. Both decisions turned out to be really good. The WiFi availability consisted of expensive hourly charges in a noisy cafe. Not too bad when you get a table to yourself, but not the place I want to be when half the male population of the campsite takes over the cafe to watch a football game.

So I had to do without internet connection most of the time. Going to the cafe only to download missing modules and documentation to get past a point where I got stuck. Git proved to be invaluable. There was no reason to not commit, so I committed in small increments and was very pleased when I could go back to earlier configurations when I found out I headed down the wrong road. With SVN that would never have been possible.

By the time we got home the website was coming along fine, but some key features were still missing.